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Important. The Letter to Secretary General of UN. Please, write your name

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Important. The Letter to Secretary General of UN. Please, write your name Empty Important. The Letter to Secretary General of UN. Please, write your name

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:56 am

The life and freedom of people is the most important!
To Mr. Pan Ki Moon -the Secretary General of the United Nations!
Mr. Secretary General!
We, representatives of the democratic public of Uzbekistan, are very glad of the fact about visit of delegation of the United Nations under your management to Uzbekistan.
We welcome all your trips and initiatives concerning to destiny of people in the countries of former Soviet republics in the Central Asia where dictatorship and authoritarianism prospers year after year, however the world community can oppose nothing with to it.

It is very important, that you and the delegation of the United Nations has visited Mujnak and you were convinced by the eyes of the tragedy which have comprehended both Aral sea, and people living around of this almost dead sea.
We are a little surprised of actions of the delegation of the United Nations which worries most about destiny of already died sea, than thousand the people dying in one of the biggest and most terrible prison of all countries, in Jaslyk colonies which is nearby Mujnak.
In this prison many prisoners of conscience as poet Jusuf Zhuma, journalist Muhammad Bekzhanov, human rights defender Azam Farmonov, the former deputy of parliament Murad Dzhuraev and many other prisoner wait for the death under tortures. There behind high fences sitting hundreds absolutely innocent religious prisoners and tens representatives democratic opposition and secular intelligency.

The delegation of the United Nations had enough time and an opportunity to fly about huge territory of the died sea, however you did not have not enough time and sufficient will to visit Jaslyk where people continue to die under tortures. About it talk Mr. Teo van Bowen, the special representative of the United Nations, he named it as « regular and systematic torture » during the visit in Jaslyk in 2002.
In this world all should be consecutive, including the steps undertaken by the United Nations.
Otherwise all will be as empty conversation about « human rights, about destiny of people, about democracy ».
These words are very often used by dictators - Karimov, Berdimuhamedov, Rakhmonov, authoritative heads Nazarbaev, Bakiev. They do all that these words never have been introduced in concrete business.

The United Nations cannot afford such that just speaking about human rights and freedom and after to forget that they should gradually will take root into a life.
You should put on the agenda at a meeting with President Karimov about the destiny of the Uzbek democratic opposition which with violence forced to emigration from Motherland and wanders worldwide and cannot will return home and participate actively in development of a society and in the decision of all problems, including problems with water, drying of region, maintenance of people with work and necessary things for a life. Authority Karimov and other heads in region for a long time have proved, that they not in a condition to provide a reliable and happy life of citizens in the countries, to solve together problems in region.

Without free citizens, a free society and its advance guard – democratic forces, any society not in forces will consult with all problems.
We very much hope, that the delegation of the United Nations will do the utmost to lift these most important questions at a meeting with heads of Uzbekistan and region.

Best regards
Hazratkul Khudojberdi, independent oppositioner, www.stopdictatorkarimov.com
Tolib Yakubov, vice-president of Human Rights Society in Uzbekistan, http://www.hrsu.org/
Your name, please:………………………………………………….


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