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Open letter to President of France Mr.Emmanuel Macron

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Open letter to President of France Mr.Emmanuel Macron Empty Open letter to President of France Mr.Emmanuel Macron

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:21 pm

Open letter to President of France Mr.Emmanuel Macron

(About official visit of the President of Uzbekistan Mr.Shawkat Mirziyaev to France in October 2018).

Fading hope of restoration and strengthening democracy in Uzbekistan

Mr. President!
We, citizens (some real, others former) of Uzbekistan, are very pleased with the visit of our head of state to France.
It is such meetings of high-level heads of state that can contribute not only to the establishment and development of relations between states and peoples, but also to improvement and assistance in matters of democracy and human rights.

Some of us who appeal to you are former citizens of Uzbekistan, because during the rule of Islam Karimov we were repressed, arrested and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment for we were members of the democratic opposition of Uzbekistan, human rights defenders and journalists.
We were forced to leave our native Uzbekistan under the threat of repeated arrests.

After the death of the dictator Karimov, Mr.Shavkat Mirziyev came to power. In the first months of his presidency, he did a lot of good things for the people and the country; for the first time, torture was openly condemned; some representatives of the security forces were arrested, their leaders were replaced by new cadres.

Mr.Mirziyayev often spoke publicly, condemning torture, corruption, weakness of leaders of various levels.
However, violations of human rights by the authorities have not stopped, and corruption continues on the same broad scale.

Soviet leadership style of the authorities.

The reason for all this is the vertical, command-administrative system of governance of the country, inherited from the former empire, from the leaders of the USSR. We understand that such a system of power is not easy to change due to the fact that most of the representatives of the current government are former Soviet cadres, and they remained loyal to the old public school.

We remember how the meeting of the last head of the USSR Mr.Gorbachev with Mr.Reagan, the President of USA and Mrs. Thatcher, the British Prime Minister, played a huge role in the beginning of reforms in the USSR, PERESTROIKA, GLASNOST AND GORBACHEV REFORMS
At that time, the first opposition organizations were born in the Baltic States, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, which gradually led to collapse of USSR.

However, after independence, we, the opposition, fell as the first victims of the new dictatorship of Karimov in Uzbekistan.
Karimov did not tolerate opposition, and within 2, 3 years he destroyed completely the newborn and still young democracy in Uzbekistan.

With Mr. Mirziyayev coming to power, we very much hoped that he would finally talk about democracy, allow us to return to his homeland, help us restore our citizenship and rights.
Unfortunately, our hopes were not justified.
Mr. Mirziyayev has been ruling the country for more than 2 years, but he still has not uttered words such as democracy, opposition and human rights.
He loves to repeat the words about justice, at the same time he forgets that justice must first be restored, and then strengthened.

The most glaring blunders of the President of Uzbekistan are not that he cannot provide what he promises - the triumph of justice in society.
As they say, a language without bones, you can promise a lot without taking into account your capabilities and the capabilities of the authorities. In addition, you can always find scapegoats for their mistakes, for failing to comply with the decrees, find explanations for why failed the President’s promises.
Mr. Mirziyayev has ruled the country in the Soviet style when he worked as prime minister under the leadership of dictator Karimov.

This style includes a promise to the people of welfare, justice, equality, happiness, which should be repeated every time the supervised appears in public, at meetings, on TV, etc.

Soviet leaders were never bothered by the fact that their promises did not coincide with the technical and economic capabilities of the state, as well as the status quo and the mental resources of the multimillion bureaucracy.

In the actions of the President of Uzbekistan Mr. Mirziyayev, we see all these features of the Soviet leaders.

The President stubbornly does not want to utter the word "opposition", considers them enemies of the people.

We are very worried that the President of Uzbekistan stubbornly does not want the talk of such important words as Opposition; Human rights; Democracy; Independent public organizations; Independent press; Independent Court; Independent Parliament; Independent, opinion of citizens.

As you know, Mr. President, these words are the core of any democratic society, they are the bearing the walls of a developed state. France is developing on the basis of these freedoms of citizens, their ability to express their opinions, to elect to the power of the citizen whom they consider the most deserving, both from among the opposition and from among the current government.
Unfortunately, the President of Uzbekistan considers the opposition not to be political opponents, but enemies, both his own and enemies to the Uzbek people.

He expressed this through the mouth of his new chairman of the State Security Service, Ikhtiyar Abdullayev. Even the name of this service says that it is intended to ensure the security of the authorities, because in Uzbekistan the state is understood as the authorities, and not the modern structure of a society of citizens with all its attributes.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the elections of the President of Uzbekistan were held without the participation of the opposition. Next year elections to the Parliament of the Republic, which will again be held without the participation of the opposition.

The Parliament of Uzbekistan consists of representatives of various pro-government parties and, as the Senate Speaker recently admitted Nigmatilla Yuldashev, senators and deputies of the Parliament do not show the slightest desire to take the initiative and talk about various problems in society.

Paralyzed Parliament

The existence of the current Parliament of Uzbekistan is not felt by the people. MPs are afraid to speak, to take the initiative in their own hands regarding whatever the problem in society. They are always waiting for the words and orders of the president. Because they were created by the authorities (first the Soviet empire, and then dictator Karimov) to show the world that we have a multi-party system.

In the country for more than 27 years, there is neither a free press, nor free and independent lawyers, nor a free and independent judicial system.

The president took all the hakims (governeurs) of the regional, city and regional executive authorities under his care and strictly said to the prosecutors “If you have any business with the hakim, leave they alone and contact me. Hakims are plenipotentiary representatives of the president in the field. Send complaints against hakimov to me personally. It’s not your business to call them in for questioning! ”

Human rights violations: torture, murder, disappearances, unjust convictions

Here are some examples of gross violations of human rights in Uzbekistan only in August 2018, where there are facts of killings and mutilation of citizens of Uzbekistan by police officers:

1. On August 16, Shuhrat Sirozhev, a resident of the town of Vobkent, was been brutal murdered by seven policemen.
2. On 17 August, young guys Yuldoshev Nodirbek and Tolibjon Sultonmurodov were brutally beaten up by policemen on the night in the police building of the Markhamat district of the Andijan region.
3. August 26, 2018 Many citizens of Uzbekistan were shocked by the decision of the Tashkent City Court, chaired by Zafar Bobonov, who, despite the evidence of torture and planting drugs to defendant Zhakhangir Umarov, sentenced him to 5 years of imprisonment!

4. On August 27 and 28 were detained bloggers # Musannif_Adam, # Otabek_Usmonov, # Ziyevuddin_Razim

5. There were many cases when citizens who came to the President with a complaint were detained by the police and transported to various police departments.

6. We are also concerned about the difficult social and political situation in the Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan, where the rights of citizens are even more infringed, the ecological catastrophe associated with the disappearance of the Aral Sea greatly worsens the lives of the citizens of this region.

7. Still has not been convicted mass execution against the 25th-thousandth peaceful demonstration of citizens of the city of Andijan on May 13, 2005. Two of the 3 main leaders of this bloody shooting are working today as advisers to President Mirziyayev (Rustam Inoyatov, the former head of the National Security Service and Zakir Almatov, the former head of the Interior Ministry. The late dictator Karimov was the third and most Head leader of the shooting of citizens).

8. The authorities are also silent about the disappearances during the reign of Karimov. Relatives still do not know what happened to Abduvali kori Mirzayev, Ramazan Matkarimov, Abdulla Utayev and Khusniddin Nazar after their arrest by the NSS officers.

We very much hope that you, Mr. President, will openly talk with Mr. Mirziyayev about the issues of restoring and developing democracy, as well as about human rights in Uzbekistan.
May the establishment of friendly relations between our countries in different areas be based on universal human and democratic values. Let the Uzbek people feel the freedom, their rights, the triumph of democracy, as the citizens of France feel all that more than a hundred years.

We can no longer wait, people are tired of waiting for freedom, tired of wandering around the world for the sake of looking for work, shelter, a bit of happiness.

We want to live in our beautiful and free Motherland, to develop and strengthen it, to be friends with all the countries and peoples of the world.

May France become a strong friend and an excellent example for Uzbekistan and help our government and our people to restore the principles of democracy and freedom of citizens.

With best regards and respects
Hazratqul Khudojberdi, saturnus04@yahoo.se
Safar Bekjan, hicral@hotmail.com
Murad Patullaev
Muhriddin Kamol, kamoluzb55@gmail.com
Umar Mukhtar, ramzhakimov8@gmail.com
Zebodono Yakubova, zeboyokubova@gmail.com
Said Kamol, Kamolsaid2007@gmail.com
Shabnam Ollohshukurova, n_jasur-7777@mail.ru
Ilyas Sultanov
Kosimmirzaev Zubayir , kosimmirzaev@mail.ru
Hided signature, Uzbekistan
Hakimova Dilbar, kamol.dilim@gmail.com


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