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New generation - new civilization

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New generation - new civilization Empty New generation - new civilization

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:02 am

New generation – new civilization (Project).

I wrote this project 2 years ago but still do organisations and investors don´t understand of values and importance of this project. So long we do not doing anything strong and good work for different projects (like this) for new generation so long we can have problems - war, conflicts and human catastrophes. Time passes and shows again and again that the idea of this project is right: During these past two years the war in the world became even more, even bloodier and more catastrophic (Ukraine, Syria, tension between East and West, between Russia and Ukraine, Turkey etc.).
Today's generation can not bring peace to the world.
As long as we do not do something strong and good work for peace in the world with a similar project for a new generation then we will have more problems - even more war, even worse conflicts and humanitarian disasters. Because the difference in the perception of universal human values become even more larger between people living in different parts of the world with different opportunities and above all by the lack of truth.
Hopefully it can cope with the future generations - if they get help from us now! Think about it!

This project consists of two parts.

1. The first part is for the new generation of mankind.
2. The second part is for those who will be engaged in this and similar projects, i.e. for human rights, new methods of their work.

1. I think that in order to achieve peace in the world in the first place, we should try to change the outlook of our children from 6 years of age, with the first class.
For this, we, the adults, need to develop a special education program "New Generation - a new civilization."
World Forum on the ecology, economy, global warming, etc showed that participants often do not understand each other, because each nation has its own agenda, its own method of education of children and young people and their own understanding of universal values.

That is why they become as politicians with different conceptions of the world civilization, nature and its laws of society and the way of its development, and many other things too. The roots of the problems of our civilization are found here! It is here that buried all the dogs!

Therefore, we need to create a universal program for our children throughout the world. When our children all over the world are studying in the same program about the Earth, nature, ecology, on the universal values of human rights etc, only then will they begin to understand each other better and easier, both in everyday life and in international politics.

Proof of this is that the general concepts in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, almost identical in all the languages of the world.
Therefore, children of almost all countries are almost equally well aware that such an ocean, mountain, animal, equally well can count, read, write, etc.

However, the general concepts of children from different countries about nature and society, the role of the individual in society, the human impact on nature and society are significantly different from each other in different countries of the world.

I believe that the root of evil is in this. History has proven this many times, and we adults are not able to solve current global problems with the luggage of various concepts about nature and society, and the mechanisms of its development.

That's why need a single concept of education of children around the world on the basis of professionally and competently written methods of education for children with the assistance of such a project and highly intelligent representatives of all countries. I think that no one would object to the proposal to create an effective education in their own country for their children.

A unified concept of education children will eventually lead humanity to a new civilization with a new, well-educated generation.

We can start by showing pilot projects that include various educational programs for children from 6 years of age should be identical for all children worldwide. Everyone in the world should to know that civilization have many values as the right of children in society, human rights, the right to protect the environment in which we live, animal rights, our need of the organic and better quality of food, clean water, clean air, etc. are core values of humanity. Unfortunately, many governments in many countries do not realize this, do not understand the problem that is growing with time.

We can prove that the problem is growing by showing concrete examples of problems in many communities, in nature - in the woods, in the sea, on the mountains.
When children from 6 years of age begin to hear about such problems when growing their awareness of the future. It is them to live in the future and we can make either a positive way or a negative way in their life in the future. When children understand the problem when they begin to act early, force, influence their parents to make sensible decisions on policy decisions.

This project is in its first phase, one can easily start in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and other democratic countries. In the second phase, we can first view to developing country governments and civil society activists on this project's effectiveness and necessity. In the third step, we will take the UN, OSCE, IMF and other international organizations to cooperate to implement this project in the countries in Central Asia, Africa, Russia and many parts of the former Soviet.

2. The second part for those who and how will deal with this and similar projects, ie issues of effective protection of human rights, the search for new methods of work, which can improve the quality of their work in the field.

As I wrote earlier, in the beginning, a very important aspect of this part of the project is to ensure the creation of more than one group at the Center for NED. If from the very beginning to gather several groups in different rooms, and discuss regional issues of human rights, starting problems and the development of democracy, then we could collect very valuable material for further work.

It was the first meeting and discussions in different groups of the general problems of human rights and democracy around the world would give us the opportunity to look at problems from different angles and see the common roots of the problems. And this in turn would give us the opportunity to generalize these problems and find common solutions to these problems in the local, specific problems.

It is a fantastic opportunity to gather many human rights activists and social activists in one place, where they could discuss general issues relating to human rights and democracy. We addressed these problems a long time ago I wrote letter to Flavio Kotti (he was chairman of the OSCE in the 1996). However, the OSCE and other organizations did not listen to us when we alerted about upcoming political crisis, if suffocation of democracy in many countries around the world.

The problem was that the politicians and officials who did not listen to us were far too much occupied with daily routines and they could not see the next big problem in perspective.

Based on all these mistakes that made the UN, OSCE, IMF and other organizations, we must change our ways to work long term, with thorough investigation and major initiatives for the future. It is our children who will live in the future, we cannot ignore in their lives, their future, their children, in their environment, nature and everything else that should be there and be even better condition than today. Instead that to do more good actions today we ignore our children's future, in nature, the environment and as result of our bad actions disaster grows, the number of conflicts increases, the threat of extensive large war too often hangs in the air!

Should it be so? Are we to allow the disaster that we ourselves have caused to grow and include more and more territories, countries and nations?
Who and when can stop to these natural and human disasters and tragedies if we - responsible adults do nothing?
Is not it our responsibility to stop these disasters?

I think we need to act now and all powerful in the future by engaging many other people these problems. It is possible if we talk openly about these issues, discuss them and analyze them and finally take our ideas and suggestions and put those on the table.

There are opportunities, there is interest, and there are people who can change the current situation in the world from the evil, tragic, disastrous for the good, better, calmer, healthier, happier life - once and for all.

We can become a pioneer who starts a global project that covers all countries, all nations, all regions, all religions, and all people regardless of where they live. Together we can create a better future. Today it is obvious that a single country cannot live happy and successful ongoing war between other neighbors when burning many parts of the country fir, when happen disasters our neighbors. We are all living on this planet are passengers on a gigantic boat. If there is a failure in one part of the boat, we need to repair it fast, or else all will die together - adults, children, animals and nature.

When we understand this - it's our first victory. Next, we try to spread these details - to everyone else understands all this. Then you can start working with various pilot projects in different countries parallel while. Those who start this project in different countries can meet monthly or quarterly basis and exchange information with each other.

The first group's work and experience will assist other groups that will start the same project in other countries. With each new country where the project is started it will go better, easier and smoother. Eventually we will get a fantastic, well-functioning project that will help many nations to implement this project in their countries and thus get rid of the dictatorial regimes in a peaceful manner.

In the end, will win our future, our children and the world becomes more peaceful, democratic, environment, air, food and water will be cleaner and people healthier and happier.

Hazratqul Khudojberdi


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