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The Manifesto of the Peace

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The Manifesto of the Peace Empty The Manifesto of the Peace

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:11 am

The Manifesto of the Peace of public and religious leaders, politicians and researchers around the world

I am sure that this manifesto would like to see millions of citizens around the world.
Because our world today is more and more sinking into chaos, violence, wars and armed conflicts. Manuals of major powers like Russia, the United States, Iran, Saudi Arabia, NATO and Coalition themselves involved in these conflicts. Politicians of these countries are not able to change course, to stop the war, in which they are involved.
Each one of them is waiting that the first of the initiative step should take the opposing side. Each has its own pride and the belief that he is right.
That is why today should reach out representatives of the most active part of every society - public and religious figures, politicians and researchers, who should meet each other in the global forum to start a conversation about the most pressing problem of the world – about the war which must be stopped.

Today, the flames of war raging in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, a very dangerous situation in Libya, Egypt, the Middle East - between Israel and Palestine. In these wars involved Russia, the US, NATO countries and the Coalition, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and many other countries in Africa. Great is the danger that in these wars can be involved other countries too which border on the countries of these wars.

I am asking everyone who feel anxiety of life for millions people, animals and the nature of our beautiful planet and is willing to do anything to stop the war and senseless bloodshed: Please, respond to this call! We together have to do something to stop the war!
We must together start now to act in the name of peace in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries where there are wars and armed conflicts.
It is not enough to act alone with a call to stop the war, with help of a revelatory and sensational articles about criminal activities or war crime of some political leader or some state. Nobody can stop this chaos alone, which is growing every day.

We, political activists and pacifists, cannot win the fight for peace when we acted alone. There is safety in numbers.
The strength of the peace all over the world in a unified and powerful voice of millions in defense of peace. We must present a united and strong front against politicians and various leaders - supporters of the war, against those who wage war, who send young soldiers to die - to kill others or to be killed for the sake of selfish, political, religious, economic or God knows yet which interests of these leaders!

Today, we must begin to act in the name of peace in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries where there are wars and armed conflicts.
I ask all who read these lines, spread this message in their circles, hand it over to those whom you think a man capable to influence people and events, who can be involved in the global process of the opponents of the war and fighters for peace in the world!
Please, do not stay of side of this important case for world peace, for the sake of his own happiness, and for the peaceful future!

Hazratqul Khudojberdi, The Movement Freedom for Uzbekistan


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