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Time to civil actions!

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Time to civil actions! Empty Time to civil actions!

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:53 am

Time to civil actions!

Today authorities of Libya, Israel, Russian Federation, USA, Uzbekistan, North Korea, Burma and many other states using violence by special forces and military for the sake of preservation of the authority and the control over the certain area and people.

Are it not criminally when the certain group of people, using the authority, indifference of the world community and weakness of other group resorts to violence, using military, police, judicial authority and retaliatory forces of the state for the sake of satisfaction of the ambitions, for the sake of domination and authority above this group of people?

Doesn't matter when these leaders at authority trying to prove the actions - " protection of the Constitution, territorial integrity, interests of people " and another bullshit. Always and everywhere matters only ways of achievement of these purposes!

If the certain group of the people, having authority, used violent actions against other group of people for the sake of achievement of the purposes these actions are crimes and nothing another.

Our civilization is already enough strong developed and for a long time ripened that by all people around the world to accept resolute actions against any form of violence over peace protests and demonstrations of the certain part of citizens which do not wish to live further under dictatorship, they do not wish accept any violence of groups of people, who have authority.

People have the right to protests against inept authority, against injustice in a society which drive millions citizens to poverty, on regular humiliations of their human advantage, on different sorts of infringement of their civil rights.

There are many international certificates, declarations, conventions and contracts on protection of the rights and advantages of citizens, irrespective of where they live.

However till now there are no real mechanisms of application of these documents which would allow once and for all will eradicate the OPPORTUNITY of possibilities to using of VIOLENT ACTIONS for suppression of a civil freedom, protests and demonstration of citizens in occasion of injustice in a society.

It is time to us, to representatives of civil societies who are constant victims of these violent actions of the authority which using violence for the sake of satisfaction of the ambitions and various interests to act and to demand resolute actions from such international institutes as the United Nations, OSCE, EU and others?

I think, that mass excitements in the Arab world prove, that time has ripened for such performances from us, from active representatives of civil societies, to act as a united front and to demand from the international institutes to accept to consideration Our Petition on consideration of a unique question:

Acceptance of the International Convention about Mechanisms on maintenance of a civil freedom, about protection of human rights in each state from violent actions of any groups, including authorities.

Each person and each society has the right to live freely, on the basis of laws and the rules accepted by this society which should be fair and provides the equal rights of all members of this society irrespective of who and what position borrows in a society.

Nobody of members of a society, including representatives of authorities of a various level and scale, should have the right to use of force against peaceful protests about the certain infringements of human rights.

Everyone should bear the responsibility for each violent action except for those cases, when the person is compelled to apply force to protect the life and a life of the relatives.

Hazratkul Khudojberdi



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