Are it really United Nation or Club of United Criminal Leaders?

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Are it really United Nation or Club of United Criminal Leaders?

Post by Admin on Wed May 19, 2010 6:02 am

Are it really United Nation or Club of United Criminal Leaders?

To United Nation
Mr. Ban Gi Moon!

What are actually United Nation? It is really United Nation?

I dont think so! It more look like as United Criminal Leaders(UCL) .

Because third part of members of this UN/UCL-club are responsible for massacre in Tiananmen 1989, in Andijan 2005 and other places in the world, third of this club cooperated with this massacre-leaders and last third part of this club are just massacre-watchers and supporters of massacre in silence.

According by last information from Bangkok, Thailands goverment started massacre of thousands of anti-government protesters.
But United Nation and other international organisations just looking and did nothing to stop this massacre.

I demand: You have to do what You should do. Call Security Council of UN and talk about critical and very dangerous situation in Bangok.
Stop massacre in Bangkok now!!!

Stop criminal leaders Abhisit Vejjajiva and Suthep Thuagsuban!

Stop massacre of thousands protesters in Thailand!

I hope You can do it. If you dont act now against massacre in Bangkok so you will be accomplice of the state terror of Thailands government!

Hazratkul Khudojberdi
www.stopdictatorkar imov.com

Thai army breaks through protest barricades

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thai troops and armored vehicles broke through barricades of tires and bamboo on Wednesday in an operation to squeeze thousands of anti-government protesters from their fortified camp in central Bangkok, witnesses said. | Video



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