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Little philosophy

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 14, 2016 4:25 am

The puzzle to some fanatics.
It exist three things about creation of which we can not know anything. We do not know How, When and by Which force it is started When, Where and How it go to end? We can not even imagine something like this:
2. Vacuum space
3. Creator of creator

1. Today we, our civilization made some modern and powerful technology by which we can watch a little part of the huge, gigantic UNIVERSE what can be just very little part of the unlimited space.

2. We cannot image to us the real, absolutely vacuum. It just exist somewhere, sometimes…
3. If it really exist The Bigger Creator, please, explain to me: Who created the creator?

If You cannot explain it, please, don´t talk bullshit like “God bless America”. How somebody who do not exist can bless somebody else?
If you just trying to win voice of religious people by using of your bullshit please, don't involve there the intellectual people. All Americans are not religious.

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