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To The President of the United States Mr.Barak Obama and Congress of USA
To The President of the European Commission Mr.Jean-Claude Juncker and the European Parliament
To The German Chancellor Ms.Angela Merkel and the German Bundestag
To The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Ms. Catherine Ashton!

Copy: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Front Line, Human Rights Foundation

Mr. President! Mr. Chairman! Dear Chancellor!
Dear members of Congress of the USA, the European Parliament, the German Bundestag and The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy!

Today, on the eve of the International Day against the Death Penalty, we, citizens of the world and representatives of various social and political organizations of Uzbekistan, ask you to intervene to eliminate the practice of extrajudicial executions, disappearances and practice reconviction of prisoners in jails and the immediate release of political prisoners in Uzbekistan!

Today, the death penalty is abolished in many countries, including Uzbekistan. However, the authorities of Uzbekistan continue to execute people, especially political prisoners, by cruel torture, by dangerous diseases and multiple extensions of the sentences in the prison system.

Let the International Day against the Death Penalty also be the Day against extrajudicial murders in prisons.
Today in Uzbek jails and prisons are sitting over a thousand political prisoners. We present to you the 35 most famous names of political prisoners whose lives are in danger. (On these and hundreds other innocent prisoners of conscience can you read in a recent Human Rights Watch report in Russian here: http://www.fergananews.com/articles/8260 ).

The life of these people is slowly expired behind of high concrete walls, their cry for help do not reach those who could help them.
Authorities are denied all the time to representatives of the UN, International Red Cross and human rights organizations to visit political prisoner. Only some relatives of political prisoners manage to visit their loved ones couple time per year.
Relatives of political prisoners who were able to visit their loved ones in the colonies, tell the stories of the hard conditions of their loved ones behind bars, life of them is fading with each passing day.

Today, more than half of the prisoners have already served their illegal and unjust prison terms of 5-to ten years. However, the Uzbek authorities did not want to release them some day in the future. These political prisoners condemned to die in the prison.
Political prisoners all the time have been accused in different false crimes in prison and condemned again just before approaching of the end of his sentence. To do this, the authorities resorted to various trumped-up charges as a violation of the stay in the colony, refusal to sing the anthem of Uzbekistan, refusal to cooperate with the officers of the colony, and much more.

All this is done on the orders of the supreme power, the purpose of which is do not give political prisoner safe life and the chance to be released. Thus the authorities are violating the law, fulfilling the extrajudicial executions of political prisoners by bringing to a slow and painful death.
This is done by means of torture, infect of prisoners with different incurable illness and severe disease. Moreover, the guards forced sick prisoners to hard work to bring the prisoner to the point of exhaustion, and thus hasten his death.
(Some examples: Fading life of human rights activist and political prisoner Abdurasul Khudojnazarov, recently released from prison http://www.uznews.net/ru/human-rights/26550-uzbekskaja-turma-vypustila-onkobolnogo-pravozaschitnika and political prisoner since 1994 Muhammad Bekjan http://www.uznews.net/ru/human-rights/27754-ajgul-bekzhan-moj-otec-vygladit-kak-uznik-konclagera).

I. Some examples of extrajudicial punishment and killings of political prisoners in the offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, NATIONAL SECURITY SERVICE, in detention centers and penal colonies:
1. 1996. Kakhramon Khamidov, active member of The Popular Movement Birlik of Uzbekistan (NDU) was killed in the Tashkent prison.
2. 1998. Fazliddin Nasriddinov and Nozim Žalilov - members of Birlik, was killed in the Tashkent prison
3. June 6, 1999. Ahmadhon Turahanbaev, the President of Namangan branch of Birlik died in Tashkent prison after torture and severe, prolonged illness.
4. July 6, 2001. Šovrik Ruzi Muradov, former member of Uzbek Parliament and member of the Birlik was killed during torture in the Cabinet of the Minister of the Interior Zakirdžan Almatov
5. January 2, 2005. Samandar Umarov died in the city of Navoi, after severe torture in the penal colony 64/29, he was convicted to 17 years imprisonment for religious beliefs (More about it you can read here, our early Report from 2004: http://hrsu.narod.ru/doklad_rus.html ).

II. Some examples of extrajudicial executions, traces of which the Uzbek authorities are trying to cover up by declaring killed prisoners as missing people.
1. Utaev Abdullah, chairman of Islam Uyg'onish / revival of Islam. He was arrested in December 1992. near his home by officers from the National Security Council, dressed in civilian clothes. Since 18.06.2008 he is on the wanted list by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan.
2. Abduvali Mirzaev, known in Central Asia, the imam, a religious figure. Arrested by officers of the National Security Council at the airport in Tashkent in August 1995. Since 18.06.2008 he is on the wanted list by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan
3. Ramazon Matkarimov, Assistant Abduvali Mirzaeva, detained by the SNB to Tashkent Airport in August 1995. Since 18.06.2008 he is on the wanted list by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan.
4. Husnuddin Nazarov, son of the famous Imam Obidjon Nazarov, May 24, 2004. was abducted by members of the NSC. Since 18.06.2008 he is on the wanted list by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan (Details of the trace of the missing political prisoners here: http://forumuzbekistan.forum2x2.ru/t363-topic#770 )

We do not want that, the tragic fate of prisoners who were killed in the colonies and prisons of the Karimov regime happened again with 35 political prisoners, whose names are given below:
Murad Djuraev, Muhammad Bekzhanov, Yusuf Ruzimuradov, Samandar Kukanov, Iskandar Khudoyberganov, Kudratbek Rasulov, Rustam Usmanov, Azam Farmonov Mehriniso Hamdamova, Zulhumor Hamdamova, Isroiljon Kholdorov worn by Isakov, Gaybullo Jalilov, Nuriddin Djumaniyazov, Matluba Kamilova, Ganihon Mamathanov, Chuyan Mamatkulov, Zafardzhon Rakhimov, Yuldash Rasulov Bobomurod Razzokov, Fahriddin Tillaev, Akzam Turgunov Solidzhon Abdurakhmanov Gayrat Mihliboev, Dilmurod Saidov Ruhiddin Fahriddinov, Khairullo Hamidov, Akram Yuldashev Dilorom Abdukodirova, Botirbek Eshkuziev, Bahram Ibragimov , Davron Kabilov, Erkin Musaev, Davron Tojiev and Ravshanbek Vafoev.

We ask you to assist in the release of these men who fought for freedom and democracy in Uzbekistan.
Please help us to stop the dictator and his executioners from killing political prisoners!

With best regards and hope
1.Hazratqul Khudojberdi, The International Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan and The Movement Freedom of Uzbekistan, https://www.facebook.com/groups/ozodlik/ , https://twitter.com/Khudojberdi , Sweden, saturnus04@yahoo.se
2.Dilobar Erkinzoda. Sweden. erkinzoda81@gmail.com
3.Obid Karimov. obid.09.07@mail.ru
4.Mirza Anvar Khamidov, Russia, khamidov.a@inbox.ru
5.Talib Yakubov, France, vbaelleon@gmail.com
6.Turaeva Gulbahor, Uzbekistan, veyo66@mail.ru
7.Vodik Avagyan, USA, vodik.avagyan@gmail.com
8.Dadaxon O'zbek, Russia, putifor81@mail.ru
9.Azimboy Otaniyazov, Uzbekistan, ataniyazovazimbay@mail.ru
10.Toshkandiy Alihan, Uzbekistan, alihonhakimov@gmail.com
11.Matlyuba Muhammad , Sweden, matlubahon11@gmail.com
12.Kudrat Babajanov, Sweden, kudrat.babadjanov@gmail.com
13.Mirrakhmat Muminov, USA, uzbekrefugee@yahoo.com
14.Turmanov Pulat, Kazakstan, x.bake.81@mail.ru
15.Maksud Mahmudiy, Russia, mahmudov_maqsudjo@rambler.ru
16.Bekzod Asadov, Russia, infobekzod@gmail.com
17.Ahmadaliyev Dilmurod, Uzbekistan, Bahromovich@bk.ru
18.Abdusalom Ergashev, Uzbekistan. bilolenator@gmail.com
19.Mukhtarov Farhodkhon, Holland, farhodhon1968@mail.ru
20.Gulshan Karaeva, Uzbekistan, gulshankaraeva@gmail.com
21.Arikova Sofia Petrovna, Russia, arikova79@mail.ru
22.Bahadir Fayzi, USA bahadirfayzi@hotmail.com
23.Svetlana Morozova, Ukraine, teri2001@ukr.net
24.Isoqjon Zokirov, USA, isoqjon-zokirov@rambler.ru
25.Kamoliddin Rabbimov, France, kmr.uzb@gmail.com
26.Malohat Eshonkulova, malohateshonkulova@gmail.com
27.Artmambetov Reshat, Crimea of Ukraine, artreshat@ukr.net
28.Umida Ahmedova, Uzbekistan, samum21@gmail.com
29.Muzaffar Qosimov, 100005153376360@facebook.com, Group ”Not Afraid”
30.Farhod Zaripov, Group ”Not Afraid”, farkhod.zaripov@mail.ru
31.Erkin Xudayberganov, Sweden, erkin4104@gmail.com
32.Daniil Kislov ferghana.ru, Russia, ferghana@ferghana.ru
33. Norsafar Imomov, Uzbekistan, bil.uz@mail.ru
34. Nasrullo Saidov, former member of Uzbek Parliament, nasrullo-saidov@yandex.com, Canada
35. Salah ad din Salahaddin. Uzbekistan, salahaddinsalahaddin1@gmail.com
36. Ravshan Shams , Tadjikistan, voa_shams@rambler.ru
37. Nigora Hidoyatova, Uzbekistan, odnk@rambler.ru
38. Ulugbek Karimov, Uzbekistan, cool.valiali@yandex.ru
39. Mutabar Tadjibaeva, France, mutabartadjibaeva@gmail.com
40. Mohira Ortikova, USA, corolinamoons@gmail.com
41.Zurab Masudov, Uzbekistan, zurmas1990@mail.ru
42. Togboy Razzakov, Canada, tagbay47@gmail.com
43. Olim Yakubov, France, donoyokubova@gmail.com
44. Zebo Yakubova, France, donoyokubova@gmail.com
45. Dilshod Ilmuradov, Russia, amir.timur.36@mail.ru

p.s. Our call will always be open for new signatures by all interested persons and it be updated periodically in the media of all kinds to achieve their goals.
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