What is more important - to expose the crimes of the dictator, or those who support the dictator afloat?

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What is more important - to expose the crimes of the dictator, or those who support the dictator afloat?

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:52 am

What is more important - to expose the crimes of the dictator, or those who support the dictator afloat?

[Some thoughts after watching a film by Michael Anderson "The massacre in Uzbekistan"(http://www.turkishweekly.net/news/138583/new-film-sheds-light-on-andijon-violence.html ]

Thank you very much dear friend Michael Andersen. For your work, for what you care about the life of the enslaved, humiliated and injured everyday people, for what you say on to face of President Karimov of Uzbekistan, he was mainly responsible for mass killings, killings of thousands of Andijan protests against the authorities.

Unfortunately, the world is very, very imperfect.

Those leaders who grew up in a democratic society (Barroso, Bush, Clinton, Blaer, etc.) can easily sell his soul to the bloody dictators and flirt with them for as long as to the time being the people themselves rise up and overthrow these tyrants.
Only after lifting and mass unrest among the citizens of closed societies, these leaders of democratic societies are beginning to behave democratically. Until then they are friends with the latest devils on earth for the sake of their interests, the interests of their wealthy voters, representatives of large companies and firms which have ever hungry stomachs and all the times looking for and roam around the world to find and capture the rich resources of private companies for the cheap price . To do this, they need very little support, a couple of people in these countries - of tyrants and their lackeys. So from us, from you, from me, from all the fighters for a just peace, civil rights demands to do much more to look at the roots of global problems to curb such tyrants as Karimov.

We need to do a lot to show the world not only the true face of tyrants like Karimov while the world as ordinary citizens of open societies begin to understand - what their democratically elected leaders by how they are friends with dictatorial tyrants. Therefore, the value of your film more than the citizens of open societies than closed.

We worked by the same way and tell the world about the crimes of the tyrant Karimov for over 20 years. However, we get completely the opposite effect.

It turns out our strikes the bell, our call of the assistance have not been heard by ordinary citizens of open societies, because we never turned our voice to them.
But still small and most active public companies, these eternal builders and architects of the civil society - organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Red Cross, FIDH, Frontline, Reporters Without Borders, Doctors Without Borders, Greenpeace, and many others have heard our call and help us as best they could.
This is similar to calling an ambulance, which makes it all the same chance to help a very small group of people among the millions of people in need, who shouted and called for help. However, the strength of these small organizations can never be enough to help the many millions of citizens living under the brutal rule of tyrants around the world.

Therefore, we should not work as members of a small team of first aid, but as a powerful and large group of civil rights, who will be engaged in preventing huge fires all over the world and to prevent the possibility of occurrence of these fires, wars, conflicts and violent suppression of peaceful demonstrations of citizens and restore and ensure respect for human rights in all countries.

Until now, we naively thought and hoped that enough to turn our voice to the leaders of democratic societies, they are our rescuers.

We always naively thought and hoped that enough to turn our voice to the leaders of democratic societies, they are our rescuers.
Actually, it turned out, so that many of the leaders of democratic countries were willing to friendly relations with any dictator in the world for the sake and the sake of the interests of their wealthy voters, not the millions of ordinary citizens, the main group of their constituents.

The most powerful and wealthy leaders of democratic societies, voters are representatives of the MIC (military-industrial complex, I highlighted this part of the issue here http://ihrsu.org/War_creators.pdf ), Industry extraction and processing of oil, mining and processing of precious metals (gold, diamonds, platinum, aluminum, etc.), other major companies and firms who are interested in cheap labor but never the life of these peoples.

We need to think about some important questions:
- Who is pushing the abolition of sanctions against the Uzbek authorities and audition dictator Karimov of the European Commission president José Manuel Barroso in corridors of power in Europa?
- Who pushes the question of support for Karimov to The State Department, the Senate and the U.S. Congress?
- Who pushes the question of support for Karimov in the Bundestag and the German government?

Their names and identity are unknown to us. While we need to know them in person. Thanks actions is hidden from the world gentlemen with major money in the accounts shall be settled the fate of peoples far beyond the walls of the European Parliament, Congress, Senate, the Bundestag and the White House ...

Dear Michael! I wish you luck in your future for work in exposing the leaders of democratic societies that maintain such tyrants as Karimov and to promote themselves to the survival and prosperity of such regimes as the dictatorship in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, China, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other countries around the world.

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